The PATOS 3/19 Wurlitzer

Lance Luce, acclaimed theatre organist, with the PATOS Wurlitzer.
Lance Luce, acclaimed theatre organist, with the PATOS  3/19 Wurlitzer.

The PATOS WurliTzer started life in 1926 as Opus 1497 in the Prospect Theatre in Brooklyn, New York.  Around 1960 it was removed from the theatre and placed into storage by an individual with no firm plans for its use.

In 1974, PATOS purchased the instrument (then a 2/10) and moved it to Pittsburgh. Following a complete restoration effort, it was installed at Keystone Oaks High School south of Pittsburgh and was dedicated on February 18, 1978 with a concert performed by the late Don Baker who played to a sellout crowd of 1250.  Since then, the organ has increased to its present size of three manuals controlling 19 ranks of pipes.

Click here for chamber photographs, or restoration photos.  Also, here is the stop list for the instrument in its present configuration.

PATOS Wurlitzer 1/6 Scale Model
A 1/6 scale model of the PATOS console built in 2009 by PATOS emcee, Mike Hohn. It serves as a suggestion box for patrons to use at PATOS programs.

The PATOS  3/19  Wurlitzer

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